Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pimenta Moida

This is a staple in any Azorean home.  The "pimenta moida" is used more in the Azores and the North eastern part of the United States because the peppers grow here.  Shepherd peppers is what is normally used.  This is a LARGE recipe, because this is how it's made-At the time of harvest, with all the peppers you can.  This will last you all year.  It has pretty much become a staple in Azorean dishes, and is usually the 'base' of a dish.

Making this is usually a family affair.  All armed with gloves and knives, the whole family joins in.

"Shepherd peppers"

Pimenta Moida
10 lbs of shepherd peppers
salt ( You will need 2-3 large containers) 

Clean out seeds and ribs from peppers. Cut into strips and place in food processor until ground finely. Place paste into a large plastic bucket. 
Add salt every few hours until there is no fizzing. Ensure that fermentation has ended.  The amount of salt also varies on your own taste.  Please remember when using Pimenta Moida to TASTE your food for salt before adding any.
Now jar and enjoy!!! 


  1. Hello!
    I have been "trying" to make this for a few years now. It keeps going bad, or "blowing up". Maybe not enough salt?? I grind my peppers,add salt, then let it sit in the fridge for 3 days. I stir it once a day then jar. What am I doing wrong?

    1. I see there are many recipes for this online all that vary a little. The first time I attempted it was just with pepper and salt heck I even through a few cloves of fresh garlic just to spice it up. Saves for mincing and at later date! :) I didn't make an astronomical amount but enough for someone who lives alone. My mother told me to let if ferment in the room rather the fridge. I made about 2.5 quarts. Also, after jarring it, put a thin layer of olive oil on the top the refrigerate. It helps to keep it from going bad too soon.

  2. Go to a local pharmacy, and ask them to dispense some salicylic acid. 25 grams per 2 bushels of peppers. Grind the peppers and add the salicylic acid and salt till it's salty enough for you. This method does not require the peppers to ferment. After mixing you can place in clean mason jars, seal them tight then put the jars in enough boiling water to cover them for about 5 minutes. It will keep for years. The salicylic acid raises the acidity of the mix so that bacteria will not grow. I make it every two years. 40+ liters at a time. Just posted to my FB today, this years batch 46 liters.

  3. My mother used the canning process and then you don't have to worry about the fermentation. You do have to boil the jars etc but they do not need to be refrigerated until opening and can last a year or more.

  4. How important is the use of Sheppard peppers in this recipe? Could a simple red pepper do?