Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Licor De Leite

I grew up in a home where several homemade licors were always fermenting at any given point or time.  It was just a thing we did.  Fruity, creamy, strong, weak, every kind you can think of!
This is fascinating to my husband, who has now declared himself  "O Galo De Licors"  While I'm on this cooking adventure, he has taken up the "make your own home brew" adventure.  Here's one of the latest ones he made :)

Licor De Leite
6 cups of aguardente
5 cups of sugar
4 cups of milk
1-2 vanilla whole beans
1 lemon-grated rind and lemon juice squeezed out
3 bars (8oz) of chocolate-grated

Put your milk and sugar together in a pan until it hits a slow boil.  Make sure you stir to dissolve the sugar.  Once the sugar is dissolved, add in the grated chocolate and the lemon rind.  stir until chocolate dissolves.  once dissolved add in the lemon juice.  This will make the mixture almost instantly curdle, that's ok! 
Take the mixture and pour into a 4 quart jar with a lid (those large style mason jars work awesome for this).  Add in the aguardente and stir.  This will look gross.  There is no other way to explain it.  
Shake the jar daily for 10 days, and then strain into a new jar using a regular strainer.  Once you have taken out a bulk of the "gross" stuff, you will need to strain it again, this time through a large coffee filter.  Using a funnel place the coffee filter inside of it and fill the funnel with enough liquid to almost touch the top of the filter.  Walk away and let it filter through,  this will take a long time.  Continue this process until it's complete. You may then bottle it and place in the fridge.  Just remember to shake it over every couple days to keep its from separating.  The final result should almost look like chocolate milk.  

Did you have any of these licors at your home?  What were your favorites?

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