Sunday, April 28, 2013


Why wait till the feast to eat some sardines. Bring the feast to you! Just don't forget to apologize to the neighbors. As soon as these babies start to sizzle on the charcoal grill, you hear windows slam shut. Sorry! Sardines can not be cooked on anything else but a charcoal grill. We buy them at our local Portuguese grocery store in a frozen bag for $5 each. Nine come in a bag. Two bags is plenty for 4 people. Serve with pop secos and a cold drink and you are good to go. While it's on the grill throw some course sea salt on them. If charcoal starts to flame put it out with a little water. We keep a water bottle handy to squirt when we see a flame. You don't want the fire, you want the smokey flavor. They are a little tricky to eat because of the bones, but so worth it. My American husband loves them, so they are not just for Mediterraneans.

We cooked ours in a this fire pit for lunch today :) 

Hope you get to enjoy some sardinhas this summer. 

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